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Keep Cool and Carry On: New Cold Capping Technology Prevents Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Cold capping is allowing cancer patients to keep their hair during chemotherapy and HairToStay is partnering up with salons to help fund this expensive technology.

Redefining Fall Colors: Our Favorite Looks for Autumn 2019

Brightly-colored fall hair and makeup looks from True Blue, the best salon in Nashville. Introducing Aveda Vibrants hair color and Aveda Color Balm and Lip Gloss.

10 Tips to Getting the Best Haircut of Your Life

Get the results you’re looking for. Read these tips from True Blue Salon in Nashville, TN before your next visit.

Finding Your Unicorn Hairstylist

How do you find a new hair salon or hair stylist? At True Blue Salon, the best salon in Nashville, we talked to top Aveda team leaders for the questions you need to ask.

Five Top Tips to Help Damaged Hair This Summer

Repair damaged hair and get ready for summer with these five tips from True Blue, the best salon in Nashville, featuring Aveda hair products and services.

We Speak Mom’s Love Language

Welcome To Our New Site!

Just like a hairstyle needs to be revamped every once in a while to stay with the trends, so does a website. True Blue Salon is pleased to announce our new website - with more features for easier gifting…