As an Aveda salon, we take pride in providing our clients with the best. This means our formulas are not only effective but eco-friendly. You may have heard the rumors that Aveda is cutting down its makeup line, and although this is true, fret not: Aveda is keeping your favorites for brows and lips, as well as their Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisturizer. 

…which leads us to our big announcement.True Blue Salon is partnering with cult-favorite Smashbox—the cosmetics line that’s been a pro artist staple for over 25 years–and we are SO excited. 

Smashbox is a Los Angeles-based makeup brand founded by the great-grandsons of Hollywood makeup legend Max Factor. They’re known for professional-quality products inspired by the needs of makeup artists on photoshoots. 

Smashbox’s formulas also align with our mission as an Aveda salon, in that they never include parabens, phthalates or fragrances, and are always 100% cruelty-free. Smashbox does not test on animals, nor do they sell their products in countries requiring it. They also are committed to using sustainable packaging, reducing waste and minimizing their impact on the environment. 

The quality of Smashbox products cannot be overstated. All of their makeup is formulated with high-quality ingredients to be long-lasting with a flawless finish. The star of their show, really, is their line of primers. 

Smashbox primers are highly regarded in the makeup industry for their ability to create a smooth, flawless base for foundation and other makeup products. These primers are designed to address specific skin concerns, such as minimizing pores, controlling oil, and reducing redness. They are also formulated with high-quality ingredients that not only improve the longevity and appearance of makeup but also nourish and protect the skin. Smashbox primers are lightweight and non-greasy, allowing for easy application and comfortable wear. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve long-lasting, professional-looking makeup looks.


As always, True Blue Salon will continue to offer our clients the same exceptional service and expertise as always, and we can do it even better with Smashbox on board. We can’t wait to give you a tour of the line on your next visit and help you find your new favorite! 

Come in and try Smashbox for yourself! Tap the link HERE for our hours and directions.