Looking for a thoughtful V’day surprise for a loved one—or a self-care treat for yourself? Let us make a case for Aveda gifts you’ll love to give as much as they’ll love to receive. With eco-friendly product lines targeting every hair, skin and makeup need, Aveda covers all the bases for ultimate gifts of self-care, beauty and wellness.

Here are 5 reasons we heart Aveda gifts … and why they’ll love them, too.

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1. Aveda products are great for the planet (and for you, too!)

Aveda is committed to spreading beauty throughout the planet, one product and service at a time. The brand has officially been 100% vegan for over a year, using nature’s most perfect ingredients that are not only great for your hair and skin but for the planet, too. Aveda products are cruelty free, sustainably and naturally sourced, fair trade, and manufactured through 100% wind power.

“It smells like Aveda!” is iconic for a reason. Since the beloved brand launched in 1978, Aveda has relied on the science of aromaology as a powerful means to enhance and elevate mood. Aveda’s patented Pure-fume aromas are blended with pure flower and plant essences in its Botanical Aroma Lab, promoting a sense of well-being and making you smell (and feel) as good as you look.

2. You can get the color you love … without the damage.

You can lay the “Hair color is bad for your hair” myth to rest, at least if you’re choosing Aveda color. Aveda’s plant-based color lines are essentially damage free, using nourishing botanical ingredients in place of harsh chemicals that dry and dull hair. With conditioning oils such as coconut, ylang ylang, jojoba, sunflower and babassu nourishing your hair during the coloring process, you’ll walk out of your appointment not just with the color of your dreams, but with healthier-looking shine to enhance that new shade.

Plus, there’s no one like you (and Aveda knows it!). Aveda color is completely customizable through its tone and level system, so that the shade that looks perfect for you is always available. Your colorist will create the right tones according to your preferences and natural coloring for a look that’s 100% you.

3. They are transparent to a T with product design, packaging and ingredient sourcing.

Shopping Aveda means you never have to guess where your favorite product comes from. Aveda believes in complete transparency as to how their products are created. As the first beauty company to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET, Aveda ensures that buying your favorite products can also reduce your carbon footprint.

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4. You can master Aveda How-To Hair Tutorials, straight from the professionals.

There are endless ways to learn how the pros use Aveda products to achieve magazine-worthy styles. With the right tutorial, you can stop dreaming about your favorite Pinterest board looks and actually achieve them. Grab your Aveda fave and check out the tutorials here.

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5. There’s a product line for every skin, hair and makeup need.

Desperate to smooth frizzy locks? Always looking to hydrate thirsty tresses? Want to give fine or thinning hair a thickening boost from root to tip? Get matched with the premium product collection that’ll do all this and more.

Aveda is passionate about creating product lines that target every skin, hair and makeup need. No matter your skin concerns or hair type or texture, Aveda has your ideal formula down to a science.

Want to spread the love with Aveda products, but don’t know where to start?

We have the perfect gift for every sweetheart (yes, including you). Here are our favorite suggestions:

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